Approved of the FIBA Equipment

NB Sport are tested and have been awarded the FIBA Equipment Certificate. This means that NB SPORT quality is approved by 215 National Basketball Federations throughout the world and by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Certification to the FIBA standard, known worldwide as the "FIBA Standard,"is a recognized industry standard in the field of sports wood flooring.
It provides essential information on the durability, performance and protective properties of a sports floor.
NAIBU'S FIBA CERTIFIED Sports floor not only meet, but far exceed all requirements of the most recent FIBA tests.
The standard relates to both safety and sports technical properties and the most important test items are described below::Force reduction,Vertical Deformation,Vertical Ball Behaviour,Friction,Resistance to Wear,Specular Gloss,Resistance to a rolling load,Behaviour under rolling load,Deformation cotral.