Why should sports wood floor be sanded and renovated? What a

2022-10-27 14:27

Date: 2022-Oct-25  

As sports solid wood floor often bear intense sports items, the surface will not only accumulate a lot of stubborn stains, but also have a lot of scratches and wear, even flaking and cracking. These will seriously affect the overall beauty and pull down the grade of the sports courts which will lead to the loss of customers. More important, the reduction of anti-slip performance will also cause athletes to fall and injure. Therefore, the sanding and renovating of the sports wooden flooring is a key part of the sports wood floor maintenance system.
  Generally, the main steps of sanding and renovating the sports wood floor are as follows:
  1.Clean up the obstacles in the sports wooden floor venues
  2.Sand the sports wood floor three times of coarse, medium and fine in turn by a professional grinding machine
  3.Scrape putty and caulk operation
  4.Polish and clean the sports wood floor with specialized machine
  5.Prime the floor
  6.Apply the first coat to the sports wood floor after drying
  7.Mark, paint and logo make
  8.Second coat on the sports wood floor
  9.Three days for curing and ventilation


Second coat on the sports wood floor

  NB flooring has a professional installation and polishing refurbishment team. We always operate the above 9 processes scrupulously, aiming at strengthening the indicators and performance and prolonging the service life of your sports wood floor, as well as improving the user's comfort.