Why should sports wood floor install keel or sleeper?

2022-10-27 14:26

If you have seen the pavement of wood flooring of the basketball court or the gym, you will find that under the floor surface layer, there is a grid of wood or steel frame with certain distance from 30-40cm. This is what we usually call keel (sometimes also called “batten or sleeper”).

Sports wood floor has its powerful functionality and good comfort, among which the role of keel is essential. Now let’s have a look on what is keel? And what its main function? 

Floor keel is a mainly used material to make a model and to fix the structures of the flooring. Keel system is an often used skeleton and base material in the stadium floor decoration. Specific practice is to use wood line, light steel and other materials, with shoot nail or wood nail fixed into crisscross, spacing equal grid bracket.

The role of the keel is reflected in the following 5 aspects:

  1. Keel is the fixed bearing capacity of the sports wood floor, which increases the stability of the sports wood floor

2. Ensure that the floor layer on the keel is more flat

3. Keel raises the installation height of the floor, so that the floor surface and the cement floor keep a certain distance, which plays a certain role in noise reduction

4. Keel helps to reduce the erosion of moisture on the floor, effectively increase the service life of the sports wood floor.

5. Keel is the bearing material of elastic rubber pad. Generally, we will install elastic rubber pad at the bottom of the keel, which can bring good vibration absorption effect for the sports wood floor, so that the athletes feel more comfortable on the floor, and are not easily tired when running, jumping and other activities.