How to Perform the Maintenance for Indoor Wood Sports Floor (1)

2022-11-01 15:29

After the completion of the stadium venue pavement, the venue management or operation personnel need to focus on the management of surface floor and the paint, as well as the underlying structure system.

Solid wood sports floor retains the natural characteristics of the wood, namely moisture absorption and expansion in the humid environment; moisture evaporation and contraction in the dry environment. Usually, solid wood sports floor is in a state of balance of moisture content after professional processing. This state of water balance guarantees the wood fiber of the floor in a full saturation condition, showing a steady uniform sports index such as elasticity, slip resistance, and shock absorption ability. It also shows ideal safety, durability and aesthetic. 

If the pavement site environment changes sharply, the moisture content will be lower or higher than the fiber saturation point of the wood floor, then the solid wood fiber will shrink/expand, crack, or deform. Consequently the movements performance and related technical indicators will also change.

Good exterior environment and daily care and maintenance are the foundation that wood floor can be normally used. In order to ensure our dear customers to have the good feeling when sport on NB wood floor, and, to extend the service life of our NB sports wood floor, we will explain the steps and precautions of daily floor cleaning and maintenance in succession in this column.