How to Perform the Maintenance for Indoor Wood Sports Floor (2)

2022-10-31 09:37


Humidity Here basically refers to the moisture content of wood sports floor.

In the process of daily venue management, attention should be paid to maintaining the moisture content balance of the wood floor. The humidity in the gymnasium should be stable between 35% and 50% all the time, and the moisture content of the wood floor should be maintained at about 12%.

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Winter and spring are cold and dry, it makes the gym drier especially if there is heating device. Therefore, to prevent dehydration of the wood floor, the gym should be an enclosure space to the greatest extent and use ventilation systems as well as increasing the humidity in the gym. 

If the venue humidity changes, the floor can be wiped with a wrung out, non-dripping mop. The frequency is suggested to two or three times a day. 

It should be noted that when humidifying the venue, try best to be stable and slow. Stable here refers to the humidity in the venue is best to be stable within a small value range and do not fluctuate too much. 

Slow means the speed of humidification or desiccation treatment should be as slow as possible within reasonable limits. A sudden change of dry and wet perhaps can remain the humidity at 35% to 50% which is of the normal range, but frequent and quick humidification or desiccation treatment may cause rapid change in the temperature and humidity of the venue in a short time. The drastic imbalance finally will bring wood floor deformation and mildew.

Always adopt physical methods to change the humidity slowly to the ideal range instead of using ethanol or other volatiles to increase humidity. Although chemical method can speed up the humidification, but also may cause humidity imbalance and result in floor stress change and irreversible damage.

The air circulation in the gym should be strengthened in rainy and high temperature season such as summer and autumn. On rainy days, the doors and windows should be closed to reduce the air humidity in the gym. At the same time, pay attention to prevention rain from falling into the floor surface and flowing into the wood floor area, thus damage the wood floor.

If air conditioning or dehumidifier are available, use them for dehumidification to ensure an ideal and stable humidity in the venue. 

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It is recommended to change the air once a day. Take a standard gym for example, ventilation for each time should be about 2 hours. It is necessary to increase the ventilation time appropriately in case of a larger venue area or of poor ventilation condition.