Aesthetic presentation of solid wood sports flooring (2)

2022-11-02 11:51

In order to carry through the aesthetic floor in the sports industry, NB floor strives to achieve excellence in the design. We maintain long-term close cooperative relationship with the international well-known design institutions and aesthetic research institutions. On March 20 of year 2018,  " Conference on strategic brand cooperation " was held in China, with our partner of Tomsk Forestry Bureau (Russia), CHIMIVER (Italy), BONA (Sweden) and other international well-known enterprises and research institutions for strategic cooperation.

From 2018 to 2019, for two consecutive years, NB has conducted in-depth cooperation with the most popular large-scale variety show "This Is Slam Dunk" with many professional stars, providing technical and product services for the design, production, installation and comprehensive effect acceptance of the program. This program not only has high requirements on the sports performance of the wooden floor, but also has harsh standards for security, especially for the conversion of the audience rating. This requires the floor to have deep and professional sports aesthetic characteristics corresponding to the program tone and style. 

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Taking inspiration from street basketball, NB floor has been comprehensively and carefully demonstrated in the design of wood floor, selection of raw materials, matching with the venue and other aspects. Each piece of board has been examined to ensure the task has been successfully completed. Experts, organizing committee, on-site tutor and athlete all express their admiration to the persistence that NB Floor gives to the esthetics aspects of the sports floor. In their eyes, NB is no longer a wood floor manufacturer, but more like the artist who is immersed in to study sports wooden floor aesthetics. This kind of spirit and faith always make a person remember deeply and hard to forget.

Finally, we rely on the determination and efforts of aesthetic floor research, successfully completed this huge and challenging project!

All the time, the wooden floors introduced by NB have both aesthetic design and sports practicality, which is favored by customers and sports people at home and abroad. In the flooring exhibition held in Germany in November 2019, NB brought a number of products to the booth, which attracted many foreign visitors and compliment. The aesthetic interpretation and pursuit spirit of NB flooring has been renowned all over the world.