How to Perform the Maintenance for Indoor Wood Sports Floor (3)

2022-11-03 17:11


The temperature of the gym laid with sports wooden floor is generally required between 10 and 35. It is better to take an intermediate value, that is between 15 and 30.

When adjusting the venue temperature, management or operation personnel should remember not only to avoid excessive high or low temperature, but also to avoid unduly fast raising or lowing the temperature of the venue.

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friction coefficient

The protection of surface layer and paint is basically the protection of friction coefficient.

Professional competition and training usually requires the floor friction coefficient to be between 0.4 and 0.6. For the popular fitness venues, the friction coefficient can be widened between 0.4 and 0.7.

Be sure to use dedicated cleaning agent for sports wood floor. To avoid damages to the floor paint and prevent from reducing the friction coefficient, any use of gasoline, kerosene, alcohols, esters and other easily dissolved to the surface paint of the products are strictly prohibited when cleaning and caring the wood floor surface.

Sports wood floor cleaning agent has three basic following requirements --

  1. Neutral. The pH should be between 7 and 7.5, which acts well in physical degradation and neutralization in daily cleaning. Do not use chemical dissolution as it can easily corrode the floor and increase moisture infiltration.
  2. Environment-friendly. Ensure the agent won’t volatilize harmful gas and not endanger the indoor sports personnel.

Do not use cleaning agents that are particularly rich in foam. Those cleaners such as detergent of household use, washing powder, washing fluid contain alkalescence or faintly acid material, which may not only bring irreparable destruction to the top floor paint, but also may cause the friction coefficient of the floor over the standard limits seriously.