Function and technical specifications of sports wood flooring(1)

2022-11-08 17:17

The ground paving of indoor sports venues is a very important construction project. Generally, the using period of indoor sports venues is over years, even more than a few decades, so the ground material for paving venues, namely sports wood floor is the most important. Then what is sports wood floor? What aspects should be considered in its procurement process?


There are many kinds of sports wood floor, such as laminate floor, composite floor, PP/PVC sports floor, solid wood sports floor and so on. For sports venues such as indoor basketball court, volleyball hall, badminton room, table tennis room, the main choice is solid wood sports floor.

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According to the type of paved sports venues, solid wood flooring can be divided into two categories: sports flooring and stage flooring. Sports wood floor is actually a sports paving system, is made of a number of small parts organically connected organism. Unlike home wood flooring which is just a paving panel, sports wood flooring is a whole movement system. With the development of science and technology of sports wood flooring, the pavement structure of sports wood flooring is constantly updated and iterated. At the beginning of sports wood floor industry, sports wood floor paving structure is fixed keel paving way; Later, with the innovation of sports wood floor paving technology, sports wood floor engineers developed the floating keel structure paving way, and now there is the floating assembled sports wood floor structure.


What kind of sports wood floor can pave indoor sports venues? NB floor engineer points out that according to the general standard of sports wood flooring industry, that is, we often say the international DIN quality standard requirements, professional sports wood flooring should have three functions of protection, sports and technology, and six professional technical index values, namely: Rolling load value, plane deformation value, vertical deformation value, shock absorption value, ball rebound value, and friction coefficient value.


First of all, let's interpret the first important function of sports wood floor -- protection function.


The protection function of sports wood floor mainly refers to the protection of sports personnel from injury, as well as the protection of sports wood floor panel. This is mainly reflected in the shock absorption and damping performance of the sports wood floor and the bearing capacity of the panel.


According to the international DIN quality standard requirements, professional sports wood floor shock absorption performance value should be equal to or greater than 53%. This numerical index is concluded by sports wood floor engineer, after a large number of sports science experiment data.

sports wood flooring,Function, basketball court, volleyball,ball rebound,shock absorption

Sports personnel in indoor stadiums will produce a lot of sports energy and impact force when they are doing sports. During the course, these sports energy and impact force will be applied to the sports wood floor paving materials under the feet of sports personnel. When the sports wood flooring paving material can absorb at least 53% of the motion energy and impact, the remaining motion energy impact will be greatly reduced, and will not hurt the movement personnel. On the contrary, when the production of sports wood floor is not qualified, the technical index value of shock absorption of sports wood floor is less than 53%, the impact of sports energy production of sports personnel in sports activities will be too huge. The impact of sports energy of sports personnel will react on sports personnel and cause injury to their personal safety.


Professional sports wood flooring paving products also require that the rolling load technical index value of sports wood flooring panels is equal to or greater than 1500N, that is, the panels of sports wood flooring should be able to bear at least 1500N gravity. Because the more durable the sports wood flooring panel, the longer the use of sports wood flooring. This is the actual protection of sports wood flooring panel quality index requirements.


When you purchase sports wood flooring paving materials, you can use professional tools to detect the panel rolling load index value of sports wood flooring, as well as the plane deformation index and vertical deformation index value of sports wood flooring, and so on, to meet the requirements of international DIN quality standards. In this way, the safety of the sports wood floor panel can be guaranteed, indicating that the sports wood floor panel is strong and durable.