Function and technical specifications of sports wood flooring(2)

2022-11-10 10:25

The second function that sports wood floor differs from home decoration floor is sports function. It is mainly reflected in its elastic coefficient. According to the international DIN quality standard requirements, the panel elastic value of sports wood floor should be equal to or greater than 90%, for example, if a basketball falls from 1.8m high to the cement floor, the rebound height is A; When falling from the same height to the basketball floor, the rebound height is B, then the requirement B/A≥90%. When the panel elasticity value of the sports wood floor is equal to or greater than 90%, the sports personnel carry out activities on the sports wood floor. Whether the sports personnel dribble, jump, or move the limbs of the sports personnel, it can be said that the tiger adds wings and the limbs move like a tiger. In this way, sports wood floor can improve the athletic ability of sports personnel, which is the athletic function of sports wood floor.

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The third function of sports wood flooring is technical function. This is reflected in its six related technical indicators. A qualified sports wood floor must pass six technical indexes to bear sports, which are: Rolling load value, plane deformation value, vertical deformation value, shock absorption value, ball rebound value, and friction coefficient value. These six indicators complement and integrate each other, to ensure the perfect display of sports wood floor function.

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In addition, in order to ensure the professional quality and stability of sports wood flooring, the management of the stadium should train professional teams to be responsible for the daily maintenance of sports wood flooring. As one of the after-sale service contents of sports wood flooring supplier, it also includes providing daily maintenance guidance for sports wood flooring to stadium customers. Because sports wood floor maintenance also needs scientific methods, this needs sports wood floor engineers to popularize science.


Sports wood floor maintenance is not as simple as people think. Because the sports wood floor is wood material, so it should be clean, waterproof and moisture-proof. And sports wood floor can not be waxed maintenance, this is not understood by laymen. There is also the deep cleaning of sports wood floors, which requires professional cleaning skills. And sport wood floors also need dryness resistant, scratch resistant, etc. For more information, see NB news column with title<How to Perform the Maintenance for Indoor Wood Sports Floor>