How to Perform the Maintenance for Indoor Wood Sports Floor (4)

2022-11-22 09:48

4、prevent from mildew and rot
Mildew and rot prevention for the sports wood floor basically begins from two respects, one is not to be excessively humid, the other is to maintain ventilated. 

Use vacuum cleaner, air compressor or other equipment to clean the gaps of the floor ventilation hole regularly, so as not to accumulate too much dust and powder, which may incur mildew, rot, insect, blockage or other problems.

From upper to downer, sports wood floor is composed of surface floor layer, moisture-proof isolation layer, bearing layer, keel layer, leveling layer, shock absorption layer. 

Wood Sports Floor, Indoor basketball court, Maintenance

Mildew and decay often occur in the hidden system below the surface floor layer. In case there are upper and lower water pipes through the venue, special attention should be paid to and always do a careful daily inspection to avoid the line pipe leakage and seepage which will result in the wood floor structure mildew. 

In the daily management of venues, if it is found that the ball rebound in one area is lower than that in other areas, or the foot is easy to collapse when stepping on the floor, it is usually the hidden system at the bottom that has mildew, which needs to be dealt with in time.

Water is very destructive to the sports wood floor. In all the sports wood floor management matters, waterproof is the top priority. Once wooden floor soak into water, moisture content will changes and the floor expands easily. Expansion destroys the professional use of sports wood floor by weaken the performance in sports, safety and technical function of the floor.

Once there is leakage or water accumulation in the venue, dry with cotton cloth or towel promptly, or blow dry with fans without any delay. In particular, the gaps and vents should be quickly drained to restore and maintain ventilation. In the process of water removal, try to use physical means rather than use electric oven baking and other high temperature evaporation, so as to avoid over-quick drying of certain parts which will result in rapid shrinkage, cracking, and appear color difference of the floor.

The water accumulation in the hidden system below the surface floor layer should also be cleaned and dried as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause mildew, deformation, dislocation and structural loosening in local areas.

The long time direct exposure of the sports wood floor to the sunshine will lead to part field color change and have color difference.  

Direct sun shined or exposed part of the floor will have local temperature rise, therefore cause the humidity evaporation, moisture content reduction, color changes, gaps and aging in advance, etc. Those severely affects the floor quality and appearance. 

In the guarantee of the lighting and ventilation, especially in summer, the venue should have shade treatment. Curtains should be installed for venues that use large windows for lighting. In summer, when the sun is directly shining, curtains should be pulled down to block the light. Venues with pavilion roof lighting should also take corresponding shading measures, such as closed sunshades, to avoid long time strong sunlight or strong light exposure to local areas of the floor.

In winter, or in the circumstances of low temperature, windows can be opened for a period of time in the morning or evening according to the venue conditions, which can not only ensure ventilation, but also help the museum naturally warm up and maintain temperature balance.

Wood Sports Floor, Maintenance, water proof

7、fire prevention
Wood itself is a flammable material. As a kind of sports solid wood structure system, the venue with wood flooring has the moisture content of around 12%. That means the dehydration rate reaches over 80%, which is easier to fire once encounter fire sources.

Fire prevention needs to watch out open-flame and electric leakage. The daily management of sports wood floor field mainly focuses on these two aspects to develop the corresponding system.
(1)    Smoking and throwing cigarette butts are strictly prohibited in the venue.
(2)    Open fire operation is strictly prohibited in and around the venue.
(3)    Pay attention to the safety and aging degree of cables and electrical equipment to prevent leakage fire
(4)    Gymnasiums must be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. It is recommended to equip a dry powder fire extinguisher, which can not only ensure rapid fire treatment in dangerous situations, but also reduce the damage to the sports wood floor.
(5)    Do not place high-temperature objects such as high-power appliances and high-temperature bases directly on the sports wood floor.