How to Perform the Maintenance for Indoor Wood Sports Floor (5)

2022-11-22 09:47

8、Cleaning requirements

It is recommended to clean the surface of the sports wood floor with a vacuum cleaner or wipe it with a dripless wet mop every day. When cleaning the sports wood floor, use a wrung out mop, cotton mop, electrostatic dust removal tool or wash - free mop.

To avoid paint damage, moisture content imbalance, and damp mildew caused by moisture infiltration, it is strictly prohibited to use general household cleaning products or cleaning practices to clean the stadium wood floor. Never use destructive, corrosive detergent. Dirty marks, and other stains can be cleaned with dedicated neutral detergent for sports wood floors. 

In no case could the sports wood floor be waxed. Waxing is a common protective measure in caring home wooden products. Nevertheless, the sports wood floor has very strict requirement in friction coefficient on the surface layer of the floor. Waxing may result in lower friction coefficient and over-smooth of the floor surface. This will not only bring poor sports feeling, but also affect the normal athletic level of play. More seriously, because of the bad skid resistance, it is easy to occur foot skid, falling, collision and other accidents to athletes during their competition and training. 

The paint maintenance of sports wood floor is not waxing, but "extinction". Bearing long time friction from the shoe sole or high intensity trampling will definitely polish the paint surface and reduce friction coefficient of certain areas of the floor. Extinction here refers to the use of special machinery to remove paint gloss or use special extinction agent to remove oiling gloss.

It is strictly prohibited to use the machine with hard brush, electric brush, steel ball or hard mop to wipe the sports wood floor firmly, so as not to cause scratches.
Whenever possible, use a soft brush in the cleaning process to prevent damages when cleaning expansion joints or vents. 
Do not wash the sports wood floor with water. Do not sprinkle water or non-professional cleaning liquid. 

Wood Sports Floor, basketball court, floor clean

9、Venue entering requirements. 
Place a sole dust removal pad at the entrance of the stadium to adsorb the sole dust and reduce the amount of dust brought in. Soil and fine sand should be cleaned thoroughly before entering the indoor stadium. 

Anyone entering the stadium must wear sports shoes or soft flat shoes. The sole is free of dirt, stains or sand and other dirty tough objects. Other provisional staff must wear thick flannelette shoe covers when entering the stadium temporarily.

It is strictly prohibited to wear spikes, high heels or other shoes with severe abrasion to the wooden floor into the stadium.

Pet is not allowed in the museum as its hair is difficult to clean, and excreta can cause alkaline corrosion to the wood, resulting in discoloration and stains on the floor. Once there is excrement, clean the floor without any delay.

If there are other construction projects in the stadium, protective mats should be laid on the floor involved in the construction scope in advance.

Wood Sports Floor,basketball court, floor clean

10、Venue code of conduct 
(1)code of conduct for the sports and leisure personnel 
Smoking, gum, cigarette butts, fruit peel, snacks and juice drinks are strictly prohibited in the gymnasium.

Littering waste, metal and pointed objects are strictly prohibited in the stadium. It is recommended not to place garbage cans or cleaning equipment in sports and training areas, but should be placed in designated rest areas, and preferably non-wood floor areas. If it must be placed on a wooden floor, cover the bottom with a layer of lint and always keep it dry. Remember to clean and replace it timely.
It’s better to place hard objects such as keys in the locker or the front desk. Do not put them in your pockets during sports to avoid scratching people and the floor after falling down. 

Avoid hot and cold appliances blowing directly or baking the floor. 

It is forbidden to place strong acid and alkaline substances on the sports wood floor. 

Try to avoid excessive sweat on the floor for a long time. If there are drops of sweat, wipe them off with professional tools as soon as possible.

(2)code of conduct for the venue operation personnel and staff 
When moving equipment, lift and move it gently. The equipment should not be placed in a certain area for a long time. It can be moved regularly to change its position to prevent local long-term compression from indentation and mildew. It is recommended to stick an isolation pad of rubber or cotton wool material at the bottom of the frequently moving objects.

When moving equipment or setting up stage or movable seat, do not push or pull directly on the sports wood floor. 

Do not drag, roll, or support hard objects when the floor surface protection measures are not in place to prevent damage to the wood floor or the surface of the paint and varnish. 

Do not use knives, files, metal sharps, glass tiles and other hard objects to scratch the wood floor.

If the floor mat (PVC/PU and other polyurethane or rubber, resin and other mats) is laid on the sports wood floor for a long time, because of the poor air permeability of the mat, it is necessary to lift the mat regularly for ventilation and cleaning, usually once a week with each time no less than 2 hours. Otherwise, the wood floor is easy to occur local color difference, damp, dirt accumulation, mildew and other condition of damage.

The surface lacquer and the line paint of the wood floor has a general life time of 3-5 years. Long-time using may result in skid resistance weakening, local surface abrasion, dark color, etc., which all belong to the normal phenomenon. Therefore, to ensure various good performance of the wood floor, it is proposed to have a yearly deep cleaning and maintenance, and a refurbished processing every 3 ~ 5 years.