The Basic Condition Of Paving The Sports Wood Floor

2022-12-02 11:42

The sports stadium wood flooring paving and installation requires several basic conditions. Basically, you to consider following key basic conditions: 

1.    The ground of the stadium should be levelled. Firstly, you should use a gradienter to measure. It is necessary to use cement self-flowing flat to smooth if it is not smooth. The basic leveling requirements of the stadium paving ground are that the ground height difference within 3 meters of the stadium ground diameter should not exceed 2mm-3mm. This is also the stadium paving ground leveling requirements.

Sports Wood Floor, floor levelled
2.    Humidity balance of ground environment. If the moisture content of the floor is higher than the ambient humidity, the floor may arch. If the moisture content of the wood floor is higher than the ground humidity, the wood floor will slowly release water. After a long time, the floor is easy to dry and crack.

3.    Other construction projects of the stadium have been basically completed, without cross-construction problems. Cross construction refers to the construction site of the stadium where several projects are constructed at the same time and cross each other. Cross construction is a very serious construction accident. Construction projects will not only interfere with each other, but also destroy the quality of the project. Therefore, the sports wood floor paving project is generally placed at the end of the entire stadium construction project. After other construction projects of the stadium are basically completed, the stadium contractor and the stadium owner will inform the sports wood floor manufacturer that the installation and construction of sports wood floor can be carried out.

Do not force the installation of sports wood floor when sports wood floor paving conditions are not up to standard. For example, if the ground of the stadium is uneven, or the ground is wet, floor paving may cause the panel to swell and arch due to moisture, as well as making abnormal noise when people doing the sports on the floor. 

Sports Wood Floor, floor installation

Sports wood floor installation requires three factors to be in place. Sports wood floor engineers pointed out that the first one is the pavement environment of the stadium in place, i.e. the civil engineering and waterproof engineering should be qualified. The second is the sports wood floor paving materials and installation tools at the site on time. The third is sports wood floor installation workers on time arrival on paving site.