How to choose wood flooring for different sports?

2023-03-02 10:27

What sports are you familiar with? Our common sports items includes basketball, table tennis, football, volleyball, badminton and so on. Among them, basketball and volleyball are big-ball sports. Big-ball sports venues require high construction requirements, and sports wood floor materials require high level and complex pavement structure.

Table tennis, badminton and other small sports have not that huge energy, thus, from the elderly to the children, are more suitable for sports projects. The building requirements of small sports venues are relatively low, and the level requirements of sports wood flooring and production material panels are not high, such as Chinese oak, hevea, birch and so on. When paving badminton hall wood floor, there is a layer of sports PVC floor above, therefore, the wood floor panel of badminton hall has no color difference requirements. Even paving grade C of solid wood material panels, the color difference is very serious, but it is covered with rubber floor, which will not have any visual impact. But the floor of the badminton hall should not be scars, or slit.

Sports wood flooring installation requires careful dealing. For example, the detailed installation details of indoor badminton hall can take floating keel structure pavement method, and also do ventilation design. This can ensure the stability of the floor of the badminton hall, as well as keep the air circulation in the badminton hall.

What are the main issues to consider when purchasing wood flooring in basketball stadium? The main is to consider the price of basketball wood floor ,and basketball court wood floor needs relatively high quality and very good professional performance, at the same time, we should pay attention to the whole basketball venue decoration style coordination.

Basketball wood flooring procurement also has a matching problem, because they are also called basketball stadiums, but NBA stadiums, and school practice basketball stadiums, the wood materials and building specifications are very different. What kind of basketball stadium is paved with what kind of basketball wood floor. Whether we watch the basketball game on TV or go to the indoor basketball stadium to play basketball in person, we find that the ground paving material is almost maple basketball floor. Why basketball stadium ground paving materials to purchase and pave maple basketball floor? Maple basketball floor color bright, natural color difference visual effect is the best, suitable for the game and TV broadcast of the aesthetic.

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