Why choose solid wood sports flooring?

2023-03-07 11:52


How we evaluate a sports wood flooring product not only depends on its market purchase price, but also evaluates its use value. You can comprehensively analyze the benefits of the use of sports wood flooring, such as the use effect of flooring and the life of flooring. Solid wood sports flooring is more cost-effective. Just like when we buy shoes, the sole of cheap shoes breaks after wearing them for a few months, and expensive shoes are still very solid after wearing them for a few years.

Objectively speaking, when stadium engineers and Party A go to the sports floor market to inspect, they will find that the market purchase price of solid wood sports flooring is higher than that of reinforced flooring, composite flooring, and PVC materials. But why do they still choose to lay solid wood sports floors? Because the six professional and technical indicators of solid wood sports flooring are higher.

Compared with reinforced flooring, composite flooring, PVC material and sports PVC floor , what are the advantages of solid wood sports flooring? The sports professional performance of solid wood sports flooring is relatively high, so the stadium and theater stage basically choose the solid wood sports floor to lay the venue. In addition, solid wood sports floors can be polished and renovated, which is an advantage that other sports floors do not have ,and solid wood sports flooring lasts longer.

Although composite flooring also has the same wood texture and dimensional stability as pure solid wood flooring, composite flooring is also staggered and compressed wood from a variety of solid wood tree species, which belongs to synthetic flooring. The advantage of composite flooring is stable dry shrinkage performance, but it is not suitable for laying indoor stadiums and theater stages. The sports wood floor panel must also be made of pure solid wood.

Reinforced wood flooring is a typical synthetic wood floor, so the advantage of reinforced flooring is that the surface layer has strong wear resistance and good anti-pollution performance. The reinforced floor can pave family rooms and public places, but it is not suitable for indoor stadiums.



Only solid wood sports flooring can be renovated, while other sports floors, such as composite flooring, reinforced flooring and PVC, have to be dismantled within a certain period of time and repurchase new materials to pave. Therefore, the maintenance cost of solid wood sports flooring is relatively low; venues with composite floors, reinforced floors and PVC materials have to buy new floors after along time. This is the advantage of solid wood sports flooring.

Due to the long fiber of solid wood materials, the density is average, and the solid wood materials have a fresh color and natural texture. Therefore, laying solid wood sports floors in indoor stadiums and theater stages can give athletes and spectators a warm, soft, natural and comfortable feeling, and the sound insulation and foot feeling are ideal. Solid wood sports flooring is an ideal paving material for stadiums.