How about the assembly sports wooden flooring system?

2023-03-10 09:12

There are many advantages of the assembled sports wood floor system, such as simple installation, free disassembly, and the professional performance of the entire paving structure is relatively stable. Many national key sports venues and international competition stadiums choose the assembly system.

In fact, we choose assembled(portabled) or fixed mainly from several aspects. The biggest feature of assembled wooden floor is that it is easy to disassemble and easy to install. When our venues are not fixed and often need to change venues, we can choose to assemble system.For example, there are more in the NBA. The choice of assembly type, when they need to change venues, they only need to disassemble and install them to the next venue. The utilization rate of the wooden floor is greatly improved, and the floor quality of the venue is guaranteed at the same time. There are also some customers who buy the assembled floor for renting, and when one customer runs out, they can rent it to the next customer,for example the mall below.



Then why do many sports venues in communities and schools choose less assembly systems? The main reason is that these places are relatively fixed and will not be replaced in the next few years, and the price of the assembled system is higher. Of course, what type of floor to choose can be selected according to the actual situation of each customer. If you are not sure what type to choose, please contact us to recommend the most suitable product for you.

More and more people in NB's customers choose  assemble sports wood flooring. NB has also been committed to producing high-quality and high-performance sports wood flooring. The assembly system is favored by more and more customers for its unique convenience and stability of the pavement structure.