NB has added a new school partner

2023-03-16 14:00

All sports wood floor buyers want to buy a good sports wood floor with good quality, powerful performance and long service life. This is a difficult problem faced by many of our customers. In fact, it is not difficult to buy such a sports wood floor. First of all it is necessary to choose the right sports wood flooring manufacturer.

The school we cooperated with was also very confused at the beginning which sports wood floor to choose. After screening and comparing in many ways, it finally chose the NB brand certified by FIBA. Why choose solid wood sports flooring is because of its excellent performance.

First of all, the raw material for the production of solid wood sports flooring is natural solid wood, and the color and texture of solid wood are beautiful and natural. The solid wood material is natural, and its annual rings and texture can often form a beautiful picture, giving people a feeling of returning to nature, unique feeling, and widely loved by people. Therefore, solid wood sports floors are paved in stadiums and theater stages.

Secondly, what the school considers more is the safety issue. The most important thing for NB sports wood flooring is safety. Our products are certified by FIBA, have good force reduction, and anti-skid performance. They are all environmentally friendly products that have passed professional testing. As we all know, sports venues also pay great attention to the aesthetics of painted paintings, unique drawing will make sports more exciting. NB adopts imported environmentally friendly uv matter varnish, which has no pollution and odor, and is more suitable for schools and other sports venues that pay attention to safety.

NB sports wooden floor has natural, long service life, beautiful, comfortable, good elasticity, and other excellent features. It is suitable for indoor sports venues such as basketball , volleyball , badminton, and table tennis . It is favored by more and more partners.