The importance of FIBA certificates

2023-03-23 11:39

FIBA-Federation International de Bastketball. Only FIBA-certified basketball equipment and courts can be used in international basketball competitions. FIBA certification is recognized as the highest level of certification in the field, as well as a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

With the development of economy, people are more and more pursuing the quality of products, making FIBA standard, high quality sports wood flooring has become more and more a trend. Now there are many wood flooring manufacturers, and customers may hesitate to choose which product to choose when choosing. It becomes very important to choose a FIBA standard supplier with guaranteed quality. In our orders, more than 70 percent of customers choose FIBA standard products.

In 2019, NB applied to FIBA, and FIBA arranged professional testing institutions and staff to inspect the company and its products for more than a year, as well as product testing and certification. Many of our products have been tested by FIBA professional equipment and obtained FIBA certificate. This means that the quality of the floor is recognized by more than 200 national basketball federations and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

We have a complete production line of sports wood flooring, which can process maple, birch, oak, hevea, pine and other fine wood, and can also be customized according to customers' individual needs. Today, NB flooring is one of the major suppliers of sports wood flooring in the world.

NB has always been the pursuit of product quality, to provide customers with high quality products, because our customers are more pursuit of product quality.