NB birch sports wood flooring

2023-04-04 13:13

Birch sports wood flooring is still relatively popular in the market, and it is also very popular. The floor made of this kind of wood has very high hardness and good wear resistance. And the birch floor has a special texture, and the color is also very beautiful. The floor made of it is very high-end and high-grade. This is why many people choose birch sports wood floor. Of course, there are many advantages of birch solid wood sports floor.

1. Cheap price

Because it is a popular tree species and rich in resources, the floor using it as a raw material is generally cheaper. Birch is light in color and can be processed in a variety of ways. The processed birch floor is generally clear and natural in color.

2. Easy to process

In terms of processing and production, it is not as particular about other floor materials, so it is easy to process, which is the most special advantage of birch flooring.

3. Beautiful material

Birch is the most popular material in the world. There are 29 kinds of birch in my country, which are distributed all over the country. Birch resources are indeed very rich. The annual rings of birch trees are very clear. They are used to make birch floors. Their unique texture is very obvious, and it is very natural. Return to the natural beauty, presenting a different visual effect.

There are many types of birch in the market, and the floor effects of different grades of wood are also different, so we'd better choose a manufacturer with FIBA certificate. NB's birch sports wood floor is a high-quality product that has passed the FIBA inspection. The wood is screened with high standards by the machine. Its hardness can be compared with European maple. It is very hard and cheaper than maple. It is a very cost-effective wood suitable for sports floors.