NB-F800 portable system four leading technology

2023-04-14 08:47

1. Larch LVL keel, anti-deformation

Keel using larch LVL, the biggest advantage is no deformation. LVL keels are dried at high temperatures and glued along the tree fibers: layers of thin veneers cut along the grain are placed parallel to each other and then glued together by mechanical pressure. Because the fiber texture of the tree is the same direction, it not only retains the toughness, elasticity and hardness of the solid wood, but also enhances the anti-deformation ability of the sheet pressing.


2. The back is fully covered with film technology, moisture-proof, insect-proof and deformation proof

NB-F800 portable system also developed PVC full cover back film technology, which is the world's only sports wood flooring field using the back film technology system. Most sports venues are built on the first floor, and the bottom structure of sports wood floor after paving belongs to the closed space, which is easy to return the tide from bottom to top. The back film is made of waterproof PVC material, which can put an end to the deformation caused by the underground return tide, and can also effectively prevent termites from gnawing.

3. Exclusive patent shock absorption technology

Shock absorption cushion is also the sole patented product of NB, using Japan's original building shockproof material made of, can provide more lasting elasticity, stability and service life. The shock absorption cushionis equipped with a professional full-package protection shell. The shell is made of nylon material, and the most stable mortise and tenon structure is also used to avoid wear and fall off in the process of handling, disassembly and other uses, making it more firm and durable.

4. Classic link technology, convenient disassembly, more stable

Link can be said to be one of the core technologies of an portable system. NB-F800 portable system adopts the most convenient and stable serpentine spring link technology recognized in the world, which can be closed in three seconds and complete a standard basketball arena in four hours. The material of the connector is made of high-carbon stainless steel, and the anchor point is made of high-strength nano nylon material, which can withstand the tension of more than 500KG. The measured data show that the connector is still in good condition after 10000 times of repeated disassembly and assembly.