Reasons for choosing NB small size portable planks

2023-04-24 17:09

At present, we have two options for the size of the portable sports wood floor planks, one is 1800 mm *400 mm *22 mm, and the other is 1800 mm *800 mm *22 mm, usually we recommend it to customers Most of them are 400mm wide. About this, many customers will have some doubts about why the size is smaller than others. What I want to say about this is that the designer of NB designed two planks of different sizes based on the actual installation. Here's why we recommend small size planks.

1. The installation of the small-sized plank is very flexible, and one person can carry and install it, unlike other large-sized planks that are inconvenient to install and require multiple people to move.

2. The second is the problem of transportation, because our products often need to be sent to all over the world, and they are too large to be convenient for transportation. Considering that the container space can be more fully utilized during transportation and will not cause large-scale waste, we choose small-area planks.

3. The waste area is relatively small when damage occurs, and damage may occur during transportation, installation or use. Because each floor area is relatively small, only the damaged one needs to be replaced, so the waste is relatively small.

4. The last and most important thing is the safety issue. When installing and transporting, we need to use the towing trolley. If it is not fixed properly, or if it falls accidentally, there is a certain risk that the panel is too big and too heavy, so we think that the small planks are  more secure.

The size of the area does not mean the quality of the product. planks with small areas also have good performance. Of course, customers can choose according to their own needs. No matter which of these two models they choose, they are all products with guaranteed quality. NB Sport are tested and have been awarded the FIBA Equipment Certificate.This means that NB SPORT quality is approved by 200 National Basketball Federationsthroughout the world and by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and it is a sports wood flooring manufacturer that customers can rest assured to choose.